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Friday, August 5, 2011

Three Days to Go!!

Hi Everyone!!
I only have three days to go before I move to the country and I am sooooo excited! 
It maybe a few weeks for me to set up my craft studio and also I am not completely sure about my internet connection, but iinet (my ISP provider) has assured me I will be connected between 3-7 days and these guys have never let me down yet! They are fantastic!!!
So, please bear with me a while longer because I have great plans and lots of interesting stuff to share with you all.
 Stick around and I hope you  come join me at my new Craft Studio
"Country Dreaming"


Peggy said...

Wish you all the best with your moving !!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy it, and can't wait to see you at your new craft home!

Gale said...

You're turning into a tease Lynn!

Happy moving!

:) Gale