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Saturday, July 30, 2011


This is my last week before the big move and I can't wait!! There is still a lot to do and with careful planning hopefully it will all turn out. 
It will take a couple of weeks to set up my new Craft Studio and it will be better than before :)

Here are just a few things I am hoping to achieve and  to tempt you in the coming weeks and months..
1. Brand new blog using WordPress
(I  will be keeping this blog but there will be some changes)
2. Craft Fraternity
(this may be open to invited readers only, but not sure about this just yet - but I plan to make this something very special !!) 
3. Scrap booking and (ATC's and Tag swaps)
4. Paper toles  - cards and frames
5.  Very Special Mini Albums 
6. Give aways and interesting blog candy 
7. Challenge Site ( Now this will be loads of fun and I will have a DT call)
8. My very own website .com  
( This will be last on the list as I need to have the website built. Not sure whether I will do it myself or get it done for me...So if  you know of any talented web designers that have reasonable prices,  please let me know:)
And this is just the start..... 
So bear with me for a while longer and I will keep you all updated:)
Big Huggs
Lynn xxxxxxx
PS: When you leave a comment please check back as I will leave a comment for you!!
Or if you have any questions please just ask:)


Gale said...

Been missing you on here Lynn. Hope all goes wonderful with the move. You have an amazing amount of plans here. Good luck with them all. I can't wait to see what you do!
:) Gale

Anonymous said...

oh wow, sounds like you have lots planned, loving the sound of it all! especially the tag swap peaked my ears up hehee

All the best with the move, enjoy it!

Lynn (Lynn's Designer Creations) said...

Thanks Gale for you wonderful support! You will never know how much I have missed making my crafts and especially all my wonderful friends I have made! But I plan to make up for that!

Lynn :)

Lynn (Lynn's Designer Creations) said...

Thanks Annmaree! I am so excited about having so much free time and I can now explore all the delights of crafting! I am excited about the tag swap and it will be hosted on You Tube!

happyglitzygirl said...

Wow, I am impressed. I have been thinking about all those things as well and have even started drawing and having a go at making my own digi stamps. Ha! At the moment they are still 'scribbles'. In my eyes anyway. You are very brave. Can't wait to see how it all works out. If you don mind I really want to learn from you. Looking forward to the tag swap idea. Love it.You have wonderful talent.
Blessings Hilde

Judie said...

Wow Lynn, You have some awesome ideas. Good Luck and happy move.


Lynn said...

Hi Hilde! Thank you so very much for your kind comment,I feel humbled...You know it took a lot of soul searching and sleepless nights on the big decision to sell up and move away, it's like starting a whole new life but it is so worth it! My hub and I will no longer have 15 hour days of work and travel and we can concentrate on what we love to do because we are both creative people.
And I am excited to about everything because with a lot of love and hard work, I know it will happen! And don't give up on your scribbles as I have something that might be right up your alley;)
Again thank you
Lynn xxxx

Lynn said...

Hi Judie,
Thanks so much for your comment! I really hope I can please everyone and myself because that is my goal! Everything I love about crafts are in my dreams and I have stored them for future use! And that time is now. I will really get to do the things I haven't been able too:)
Lynn xxxxx

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
this sounds amazing
i'm looking forward when it ready hunni
good luck with the preparations
have a great sunday sweetie
hugs angelique

Lynn said...

Thanks Angelique, so nice to hear from you! I am really excited about what I have planned and I do hope you can join in the fun:)
Lynn xx

Ana Bela said...

Hi Lynn,
Good luck in your new home and for all the fantastic plans you have made. Hugs, Ana Bela.

Lynn said...

Oh Anabela, it has been such a long time since I have heard from you! I will tell you all about my new home in the country when I get there and share some pics too:)
And I will now have time to pop over to everyone's blog and visit!
Lynn xx

chilli pip said...

Good luck with your new venture(s).
I have also made a big move and change in my life and am not regretting it at all. hope all goes smoothly .x

Lynn said...

Thanks Wendy! Moving isn't always easy but it's the end results that matter! So glad your move has made you happy!