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Sunday, April 3, 2011


 I just happen to head over to Kristina Werner's Blog 
for a look when I saw her craft room and the state it was in.. Hmm, I thought mine looked a little like that earlier as I'd been in it most of today...
but after looking around I tidied it up somewhat! 
It is still a mess though..Let me see what you think?
Here is where I keep all my inks and stuff...mind you my darling other half makes 
beautiful wooden ink holders but not for me!! I have to settle for a shower holder to house my
This is a little better..lots of flowers and mags and bit and pieces sit quietly in this part of my craft room..I never venture there unless I really need something..of course yesterday I stood on a stool and knocked down quite a large box of tiny beads..Picked some up but there rest are still there , scattered somewhere...
Ahhh...this the house of card stock....I started out with everything in tip top order but now everything is everywhere...
My beloved desk..I tidied it up somewhat. And like all crafters we tend to have everything around us at the table and sit there huddled in a tiny little space, with very little room to move but we always create something.
Last but not least, this is the store room (or my twin robe more like it) where I house lots of clothes just good old fashioned craft stuff and lots of it! 
I like to keep those doors closed and pretend it doesn't exist unless I really have to get something...but I don't like going in there much, I may get lost.
Anyway this is my craft room and although I may complain I do love it!
It's my sanctuary where I can be myself and have fun!
see ya:)


Larisa said...

Lynn, nice craft room!!!
But mine looks like what you have on the last photo((( - all is in the packs.
Unfortunately, I have not a lot of craft goodies, and there are only 3 packs on the corner in my room... ))

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty well organised to me!

Great seeing ppl craft areas!

The twins mum said...

WOW! Look at all those beautiful things.
Have a super day

Nikki said...

What a fab Stash you've got :)
hugs Nikki C

Tracy said...

So fun to take a peek into your craft room :)