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Saturday, March 19, 2011


I just had to show off  my latest  addition to my craft supplies and it really is a Must Have for all you scrappers and card makers. I was sick and tired of buying double sided tape and glue runners that  were either  faulty or just plain rubbish. I really should have bought one in the first place!!
The ATG Gun by Scotch is so easy to use and the glue is permanent. Just apply the tape where you want it to go, press the notch and release it when your done. And the tape seems never ending!
It's Fantastic!

No more toppers falling off cards or scrapbook pages. 
And it came with 2 reels of 72 yards (or 65.8 m) in total. 
So for all you die hard crafters who don't have one, I purchased mine on Ebay for $60.00
and got it within 2 days..but for those overseas I've provided a link above, so check it out!
Believe after using this wonderful device, I will never buy adhesive again :)
See Ya!!


Janie Printz said...

I certainly agree with you. I put off buying one cuz it looks so HUGE (ok it is HUGE) but once you start using it it's wonderful & doesn't seem large at all. At least there's no worry about misplacing it ... LOVE mine !!!
Janie xx

The twins mum said...

Hi Ya Lynn, Hope all is well.
Looks like this little tool works a treat must pop over and check it out

paperpapier said...

thank you for the useful tip...I need to search e-bay for this wonderful tool.

juli (sweetpz) said...

hey! i just a got one too!!!
I haven't used it for any projects yet, but its all loaded up and ready to go! but i have to say i got mines at a lower price.

Jewellery Bijou said...

I think I need to buy it too,seems like a great tool!
have a nice day!

Gale said...

Hey Lynn! I love, love, love my ATG! Glad you are enjoying yours. BTW, I get my refills on Ebay. A friend and I order them and split a case at a time. Works out to about $1.50 a roll most of the time! Not to shabby.

see ya