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Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm so excited by the lastest additions to my stamp collection, I can barely contain myself. They are simply beautiful and after seeing them on a few blog sites and especially at
MY CARD MAKING HAVEN from Cheryl in Sydney (check out her site by the way it's fab),
I was convinced I had to buy some, well 10 to be exact!!
And I bought them at LIME TART and the service was magic! If anything just pop along and have a look at her stamps at a very reasonable price (in fact I intend to buy some more...sssshhhh don't want to broadcast it)
Oh dear! Forgot to mention what they are...I think this photo will say it all!


Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOVE sweet peas, but only have 1 set of 4 at the moment!

can't wait to see what you do with them!!!!

(as the mo sweet pea stamps site itself is having a 10 stamps for $20 deal, but its random grabbag, but still I am thinking of getting 1 on payday lol.)

The twins mum said...

wow!These are beautiful. You lucky girl you.

TanySol said...

Look fantastic!

Miria said...

Hi, Lynn. What a fab purchasing! I haven't got any sweet peas but I think they're so cute! Miria

Larisa said...

Lynn, very nice stamps!!! You are really happy girl now!!! Love these images a lot! ))))