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Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have just put the finishing touches to 100's of table tags for my beautiful friend (and boss)
VALENTINA and her wonderful husband to be MIKI, wedding tables. 
Their wedding is on the 7th Nov, and Val has worked tirelessy for so many months preparing for her big day...and she has succeeded!
here are the tables tags to have a look at ...
and for the special couple
I also made (for the Wedding party) white and red tags -not pictured.
PS: You may wonder about the red colours for the wedding, Val loves anything red...she even has a red washing machine and microwave in her home and other numerous things :)


The twins mum said...

You have done an awesome job they look fantastic

paperpapier said...

oh, the red place card is stunning! In my country, the Chinese love red because it symbolizes prosperity & joy and houses and wedding reception will be decorated with red coloured decorations.
hugs, Heaney

Regina said...

Wow Lynn, you have been really busy all those wonderfull present boxs and place card you have made.

hugs Regina

Miria said...

What wonderful creations, Lynn! Here in Italy red is the colour for graduation. Hugs. Miria

Rae said...

Love the colors. Great job!