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Saturday, March 6, 2010

I've Been, I've Conquered and now I'm Broke....

Hi Crafters
Well I made it to the Craft show and had the most fabulous time thanks to Maz (Marilyn) who came with me. She's a newbie when it comes to card and scrapbook making but she does other crafts and she will pick it up without any problems....I had so much fun also interacting with the owners of the little stalls and finding all about there exciting products..There was so much to see and after about 4 hours, we were exhausted. 
I have to apologise as I have no show pics at this time  (but Maz has some and will send them to me, and I will post them ASAP) but I did manage to take photos of what I bought and I was soooo pleased about my purchases..however I wish I had a bottomless purse because I would have bought everything as far as the eye could see, but ah well....On to the fun stuff, hey!

Here are some little embellishments I bought..Little silver crosses that could be used for Christening cards or Sympathy cards. And these little pink and blue bids are so adorable...and these gorgeous scissors are razor sharp and will be great for cutting out shapes.

Here I have some Jac paper (double sided paper - same as double sided tap but in large sheets). Cutoff white and cream cardstock that were going really really cheap.. And a deep red and burgundy set of 4 cards each and matching envelopes. They had every colour of the rainbow in cards, I was memorised by them all..of course and wanted to buy them all...

Further down on the page I bought some fantastic Kaisercraft 6x6 patterned has flock as well as glitter and other beautiful coloured papers..I will definitely be using them for something really soon.. 

I  also got some versafine ink (I love using this ink pad because it gives such beautifully fine detail) in black and purple and some Tim Holtz distress walnut ink that I've wanted to try out for a while.
These glitter borders will make a nice touch to some of my cards as well as patterned foil card stock..
More borders with really pretty flowers and leaves etc.. love the vibrant colours of these..can't wait to use them on something..
You know I was talking to one of the traders, we both agreed that crafting is almost like gambling because it is so addictive. The only upside to crafting is at least you walk away with something while gambling you end up with nothing..I'm glad I'm just a craft lover :)
Stay tuned to more..:)
PS: I've included links to some sites for creative inspiration..

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Rae said...

Lynn, I'll keep in mind what you said about crafting and gambling. ;) Maybe when we make our purchases we are gambling that we won't be hoarding them after we get them home. :)
Thanks for sharing your purchases. I can't wait to attend my first craft show of the season, although I must admit, I don't need a thing! My friend Helen and I agree we are justified in our purchases because we don't smoke, drink or shop for shoes or clothes (haha- ok not often)- we spend all our spare money on crafts! I attended a "Stamp Camp" today. My pre-cursor to the craft shows. We made 16 cards (4 designs). I'll share them tomorrow. Take care, I'll be back.