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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BUTTERFLIES - Glass Butterflies Tutorial

Hi Everyone,
As promised here is my tutorial on my Glass butterflies and how they are made. The materials I used are an acetate sheet of 3"x 3" square, Black StazOn ink and my trusty butterfly stamp I made with my craft stamp maker by insta stamp and some scratch paper so don't you don't make a mess (like I usually do:)

Stamp the butterfly on the acetate with stazon and wait for it to dry for a few minutes.( Don't forget to clean off with stazon cleaner because it will stain your stamp :)

Once the stamp is dry turn it over, as you will be putting the colours on the backside of the acetate.

These are the Dimensional paints I used. Peobo Glitter paints purple and black and Fashion Blue. I bought them at an art shop some time ago. In fact I've resurrected the blue one,  I had in my archives for almost 5 years, so they are long lasting dimensional paints. 

I coloured the butterfly with the blue dimensional first. 

And then applied purple filling in all the other spots, and finally used the metallic black glitter for the middle body part. When you have filled it all in, from the opposite side of the acetate flick it gently with your finger and it will make a smoother surface.  But as you can see it looks a little  messy but it will dry flat. The glass butterfly will take a few hours to dry properly, so I suggest you leave it over night.
Since I'm doing this in real time, I will leave it to dry and return tomorrow with the finished result and a few suggestions on what you can use your glass butterflies for.
Anyway have a great night and I will see you tomorrow ;0) Lynn

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