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Monday, January 18, 2010

Acrylic Backgrounds for Tags/ATC Tutorial

Hi Everyone,
Now, I know every crafter has a few or lots (like me) of acrylic paints somewhere in their craft stash. I used to make door plaques and that required lots of different colours and at one stage I was going to throw them out.. I am so glad I didn't because I have found a useful purpose for them. And, that is creating multi coloured backgrounds for ATC cards, or tags. I'd dearly love to get my hands on Tim Holtz alcohol inks but since I can't, (at the moment ;)  I'll use the acrylic paints instead.

So to begin my tutorial here's the tools I used :

A metal ruler, a fiskars cutter (you could use any cutting tool), a black led pencil  and an eraser.  Also you will need a sponge and paint brush (not seen in picture)

Acrylic paints - I use Jo Sonja, kaiser colours and cheapy ones (they are just as good)

I chose white glossy card stock because it doesn't absorb the acrylic paint like normal card stock does.

Then I cut the glossy card stock down to size (depending on the size of the tags or ATC you need) for use.

Then using two colours for each of the tags (I'm making tags) I sponged the lighter colour on first, then chose a darker colour and stippled it with a large paint brush.
I let them dry for a couple of hours and they actually turned great..the colours blended nicely together.
For something different you could use a feather dipped metallic paint and glide it across the colours before it dries or you could use your stamps on it while the paint is wet for an embossed effect.
Acylic painted backgrounds are also great for heat embossing!!
 I hope you found this tutorial useful...and come up with some fantastic backgrounds for your next project..
Until next time
Stay creative...Lynn :)  


Sheila said...

So interesting tutorial. Thank you for share it.

Varshitha said...

thanks for a nice tutorial.......