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Friday, July 3, 2009


Good Afternoon All,
This morning when I went shopping at my local Woolies store , I came across a few extra goodies to add to my craft stash and the checkout trolley ;) When I see an item, I see potential, even though I won't be using it right away. So I've come to the conclusion I may need that item some time down the track so I buy it. And they're inexpensive - apart from the magazine which was $10.00 but well worth it.
The tissue paper is great for making patterned paper, when you want something a little different. I discovered this technique called Faux Linen from Dawn's Stamping Thoughts (Love this blog!!) and you can check it out here in her video. Now you know why I decided to stock up! As for the Papercraft Inspirations magazine (UK edition), it had some lovely ribbons as a bonus and some free paper giveaways that you can download it here for free.
And the double sided tape, (another valuable item to add to your collection) is also inexpensive and Selleys make a great one.
So next time when you're shopping, look around you because there are a wealth of craft items ready to be had.
Cheers!! :)

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