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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wishing You Well Part 2

Hi everyone
If you happened to check out my other blog you would have seen the beautiful wishing well, Col made a little while ago. And as he was making his wood design out in the garage, I was creating my very own wishing well in my craft room. I thought since he was making one, then why couldn't I. Only my wishing well is made out of card stock.
The other card I made was of a flower pot with little flowers attached to a pull up card, that reads: Thanks a Bunch (how appropriate). Although I got that idea from someone else, I modified it to my liking, but the wishing well was my own design. Now I plan to make a few more pull up designs, perhaps a cooking pot with a simple recipe attached..want more..sorry I'll keep those ideas under a lid (heehee...)
Anyway, enjoy the pics :)

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