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Thursday, January 19, 2012


You all know how much I love creating!!! And I did just that, I created some personalised
postage stamps.......
And I have already had 5 orders and because crafting is my main line of business now.....I am so over the moon :)
Because it's my birthday today (lol) I created a postage stamp for myself:)
Here I am going to a school ball when I was about 12 (I think??)

I will use them on hand given cards to family and friends when hand delivering (pity I couldn't post them and save on postage...It's just a nice idea for something different...but there's more!! 
I had to make a Tilda stamp too.....couldn't help myself:))
And... I even bugged my neighbour to get a shot of her cute doggie, Lucy
who is so cute.....and so shy :)
And that's Lucy's baby in the shot :)
They come in a PDF file for easy download through email and the stamps come in high resolution for perfect printing every time.
For each PDF file you will receive:
10 standard size postage stamps - 3cm x 2.5
3 meduim size stamps - 4cm x 5cm
2 large size - 8.5cm x 7cm
The watermark stamp will also have whatever details you would like on it.
Mine has my business name, date of birth and where I love.
and they can be printed over and over again!!
All I need to complete the personalised stamp is a photo of good quality and
I will make you something you will never forget...
And I can also take your photo and create any background scene or anyone you would like in your photo with you....
And the cost is $3.00 AUD through PAY PAL and within 24 hours you will receive your personalised stamps and a little extra bonus!!
All photos are confidential and would never be shared other than making your stamps!!   
Anyway I hope you like them as much I love making them!!
Huggs xxxx Lynn :)

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