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Sunday, December 4, 2011


It has been a  while since I've posted anything constructive on my blog, but with good reason. For the past few months since we have been up the bush, we have being doing a few markets here and there. Some were a flop and some weren't too bad, let's say my hubby, Colin
 (whose birthday was yesterday xxxx :)
generated great interest.
Since the New Year is not far off, I won't be making many cards next year, only for DT challenges maybe a few here and there. I feel like I have outgrown cards and really want to try different things...something I can really get my teeth into!
Now, this just one of the things I am talking about and you probably already know what it is:)
Remember,  this is just the start. Yes it is a mini album but there will be  quite a few things  different about them.
And just to tease you.....some  will be in 3D, similar to this one, (some easy and some a little more advanced) and  there will be a variety of themes , from music to travel to fantasy to weddings and the list goes on and on...........
 I will only make one mini album of each theme...but the good news is I will make a kit just like it... I sold this one on Friday Night at The Ballarat Twilight Festival:) I'm still waiting back to hear from the lady who needs to send me her email address:)
And as I consider myself not to bad when it come  to  creating  paper toles, I will teach you how to achieve the same results as I do...and they are really easy to do, when you know how and the results are quite stunning! 
Earlier in the year, I mentioned ATC cards, Scrap booking and Swap Tags well that is in the pipeline too....
I know Annmaree  from Emu creations was interested in that:)
Also,  some may wonder what happened to my blog banners....I sort of put them to the side for the moment but I will be making them I am sorry if I disappointed anyone :(
Huggs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lynn :)


Astrid said...

Hi Lynn, how are you, everyting oke???
That project you make is gorgeous.
Hugs Astrid

Crea Astrid said...

What a lovely creation. nice colors.

Hugs AStrid.

Kirsty-Anne (Kitty) said...

Hi This is just so lovely! I would definately be interested in purchasing your kits !! Kitty ;0)

Sara said...

Congrats to you Lynn for getting yourself ready for a new adventure!!! Sometimes it is necessary to experiment, especially if you want to learn new things!!! I am going on the same adventure also!!! I love the mini album that you sold!!! It is so beautiful and would love to learn some of the tricks to doing such things!!! Hugs to you and I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Glennis said...

Great project Lynn

Rae said...

Hi Lynn, wow, you really do have a lot going on. That is always the way with talented, creative people! My sister Beth sews and crocets and makes ceramics as well as papercrafts. Alas, I am still only a cardmaker. :) Happy birthday to your #1 guy! I look forward to seeing all of your future projects. Another beautiful creation. Love the birdcage. Hugs!!

Paige said...

lovely project! Sounds like you have some fun and interesting ideas to pursue.

coldwaters2 said...

OMG Lynn that album looks totally awesome, I admire your aim to try out something different and it looks as if it going to be so special can't wait to see what is coming next. Phew I am so glad that you are not abandoning the blog headers, lol.
Lorraine x

Gale said...

DO what you need to Lynn. Your art is always gorgeous, regardless of the form it takes. We will be here to check it out and send some love!
The album, WOW. That about covers that topic! LOL

:) Gale

Anonymous said...

I love this mini Lynn, looks gorgeous with the birdcage and flowers!

YAY TAG SWAP and atc's etc, would all be awesome!!!

OR even a card swap where we put pieces in to make a card kit and send those to say 5 or so entrants and then see how each person creates with the bits in the pack? that would be cool!

rubber stamps said...

Lovely Designs!!!!

Nice Project..!!

chilli pip said...

Hi Lynn ...don't give up on the cards all together please.
Hope you have settled in and are enjoying your new home?
As usual a lovely creation and I love the units hubby has been making , i think I need to throw some hints this side and see what Dave can come up with ha ha ha

Maria Matter said...

Wow, stunning!
You do such beautiful work hun, I can't wait to see what you'll have to share in the coming year!!
hugs & blessings!