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Sunday, November 6, 2011


It's been a while since you have heard from me, and for good reason. I had a break from crafting  as I think I was over doing it. But little by little I am getting back into the spirit of things..(especially with Christmas around the corner)
Firstly, you all probably wondering about the SPRINGFEST market I  attended last week..
It was a big flop and not just only me but all the traders made next to nothing. The weather in Ballarat was dreadful and it rained almost all day. There were plenty of people about but because of the festivities, they just weren't interested in buying....Although my hub stirred up quite a bit of interest in the city of Ballarat with his wonderful wood crafts.
Here is just one of his magical craft products, and because this was the very first one he made (and it had a designer fault in it), I was fortunate to take it into my possession. (lol)
He has since perfected it and let me tell you it is a crafters dream...but mum's the word at present as I am not supposed  to show you but I just couldn't resist.
Also I made these little beauties plus other hand made embellies for the market and I will be having a little shop in MADE IT, which is similar to Etsy. I will have that posted on my blog..
Here's a preview..
Now here is something you may also be interested in.. And I have been working on this to help me get back into the swing of things...
Guess what it is?????
And now for some other news and it's about my Magnolia Blog Headers! Yes I will start them next week and as I did say they will be unique..(well I hope so) 
And to the ladies who kindly gave me words of encouragement and support especially Lorraine (XXX), I haven't forgotten you and I will contact you by email sometime next week.
And let me remind you, I have permission to create these headers, so if there are any queries, drop me a line and I will get back to you!!
Almost forgot....Here are a few tags I created using Tim Holtz distress inks, with some digi stamps, rubbers stamps and embossing powders...Love the rich colours!!
Have a great night/day and will see you tomorrow!!
Check back tomorrow because PaperCreations Ink have a great challenge
coming up:)) 
Big Huggs xxxx Lynn :)


Anonymous said...

oh wow lots of awesome goodies!

Your hubby is very talented love the storage organiser for all your craft bits!!!

and gorgeous tags and bottlecaps too, fabulous!

Astrid said...

Ohhh Lynn, thats not good your market, you did a lot of work.
But your hubby is what Annmaree said very very talented.
THe rest of the things are gorgeous.
I liked the colours of the tags.
Big Hugs Astrid

angelwhispers said...

My word Lynn what a crafty pair you and your hubby arE!!!

Just loving this crafty pod looks like you can get loads of stuff on it!!lol Then your buttons look awesome make sure you leave us a link to the shop! Love Chanelle xxx

Gale said...

Sorry about the fair. Seems to be what I am hearing from others also. This economy really makes it difficult.
As for your hubbies craft cabinet, WOW! If not for the shipping (UGH) I would want one! It looks awesome. A place for so many things. Very cool.

:) Gale

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Lynn you made be blush printing my name in your post, lol. I am sorry to hear that the market was a flop, but I am pleased that your hubby's talent was not wasted, boy is he good, that crafters storage case looks brilliant, so do the other goodies you are showing and I adore those tags the colours are truly wonderful.
Lorraine x

kazzie said...

Hi Lynn. Sorry to hear that the market was a flop, after all the hard work you had put in making those gorgeous tags and bottlecaps, etc...Your husband seems to have the gift like you. His storage unit is great. Hugs Kazzie

Rae said...

Well Lynn, I am loving your work, loving Colin's work. You two make quite a team! Did your hubby ever say what he was selling those ink caddy's for? I'm just asking... :)

Julie said...

Oh wow your hubby cabinet looks awesome if he sells them I would love it know. Sorry to hear the markets didn't go so well I love your tags

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Lynn, sorry the stall was a flop. It's so disheartening when it happens as so much effort is putting into making things/preparing for the event/actually doing the event.

Well your hubby seems to be a clever handyman like my own and he has done you proud. I've got a craft tardis and in one of the drawers I've asked hubby "sometime" to make a holder for my Stickles so I can store upside down as when they start getting half full my dodgy hands have problems using them. He might get round to it soon but every time he's been off in the last 4 months he's been doing stuff at mum's house as it's now on the market.

I feel a terrible cyber friend for not visiting lately but things difficult. I know it's only been 4.5 months since mum died but with Christmas looming it's tough but I'll get through. Sending you lots of hugs from across the world. Kym xxx