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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Well you might just be! Yes I do have a human tree in my back yard, although he doesn't say very much (well nothing actually) and he is a little frightening when you first look at him but he sort of grows (hehe) on you after a while....
What do you think???
Here is the beginning of something I have always wanted to do...My hubby and I plan to section off  part of our enormous yard, and turn it into a Magical place of fantasy and who better to start it off, with your own human tree.  I like to think of it as Nature's museum.. and we have lots of really interesting ideas and plans that are all sketched out!
This I am sure will bring out all my creative spirit.. that has been trapped away for so long:)
Now, don't be alarmed but here is a close up  and his name is
Well he hasn't got a name yet...
So for all you creative minds out there, how about you give him a name!! 
But remember he is a magical tree so his name must be unique and magical!!
So if you have something in mind, leave a comment and who knows what surprise I will come up with :)
Lynn xxx


Glennis said...

OMG Lynn - how on earth did that happen!!

Jess said...

ABELLIO: Celtic name of a god of apple trees, meaning "green growing one."

Peggy said...

Wow, how great is that !!!
Love it !!!


Astrid said...

Ohhhhh Lynn, thats great. WOW.
Hugs Astrid

Anonymous said...

that is very cool! you guys are so creative, can't wait to seethe end result!

This is going to be great...

Hmm how about Odin for a name :-)

Rae said...

Well, Lynn. First: how the heck are you? Second: Congratulations on your fabulous move! Third: OMG!!! My creative juices stopped dead when I saw your scary tree! It would definitely keep me from trespassing in your yard! So the only name that I can think of is "Gollum" (from Lord of the Rings") because it is about as scary as he was. lol (can you tell I skip all scary movies?...) Huggs!!!

Gale said...

Too very cool! Love the human tree Lynn!
He looks like he is talking. How about 'Sir Barklore'. The king of the mythical story telling trees.


Hugs :) Gale

scrappybitz said...

its just super creative,great creation

Hope M. said...

such a cool idea, my kids would love it! a name, let me see, how about Epoch the long living magical tree. you are so talented and i'm glad to have found you'r channel!