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Thursday, August 11, 2011


It is so good to be back on the net and I couldn't have done it without the help from my favourite ISP provider IINET and it took just 1 day to be reconnected up the bush....
And that's where I am now...I left the big smoke behind me and now live in a really lovely part of Victoria called Maryborough!! 
Living in the bush, the locals are a little weary of strangers but still very nice, so hopefully we will fit in and be happy here. My parents came from up this way, so really it's sort of like coming home in a way.
We stayed at a place called Avoca the first night as our furniture wouldn't arrive til next morning.  Avoca is really a beautiful place
Here's some pics...
This is looking out into the bush from Jackie and Alan's deck! 
Another pic of their backyard and they have two adorable little Shetland ponies:) So cute!!
Now here is a part view of my backyard and it is enormous! We have big plans for this place!!
This is what I see when I look over my back fence, lots of bush land and no pollution!!
Just lovely fresh air and today was a lovely day.
Look at this! It is called iron art, the previous owner left it for us! I think we will keep it on the old shed!
Ahhh!! Here are my some of my craft boxes! I have unpacked a few but I have a whole to do first...but my hub and I have worked tirelessly for 2 days and done quite a bit to the inside:)
Here's a sneak peak of the entry to my studio but I can't show you any more until I have finished...;) 
I so can't wait to sink my claws into my craft stuff! I have missed it so much, but I have plenty of time now, of course I have no energy left but that will come:)
Anyway I am off to open a few boxes and see what surprises are in there!!
Lynn xxx
See you all soon :)))))


Chris said...

You and your other half will have a ball with that place! Enjoy your "country retreat" :-)

chilli pip said...

Keep the pictures rolling I love "looking " in other peoples homes xxx

Karen said...

Wow looks great, oh just think of the peace, no pollution, and the wide open spaces, glad your move went well. Only 9 days left for us.

Gale said...

Looking good! Love the view.

Peggy said...

Thanks for the pics/ showing your new place !!!


Glennis said...

How exciting for yoy Lynn

Anonymous said...

sounds great and looks great!

enjoy it, loving the artwork I spy on your walls!!!

Rae said...

Oh Lynn, I am so happy for you to have made this move. Your photos are wonderful! It is so nice to have a peek at how fresh, green and lovely you are living. Sure to inspire more wonderful art from your new studio! Look forward to your sharing! Hugs! Rae

Tami said...

Just stopping by everyone's blog today to look around. Your new home looks wonderful. CONGRATS