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Saturday, May 7, 2011


I just wanted to show you what my hubby brought home for me from the local hardware supermarket, called Bunnings (in Australia),
It's called a
and it is made by PLASGAD  and it's fantastic!!
I was so excited and could barely contain myself, and quickly put all my roses and other flower oddments in the modular units for all to see, well me anyway (ha ha)...
Now I have a proper place to put my wonderful little flower treasures and the unit really does look nice, as well as being functional and to open, just pull forward, and the little units tilt forward for easy access.
It has 12 larger drawers and 9 smaller ones. 
 The dimensions of this unit are 24.5" width (over 60cm), 12" high (30.5cm), 
3" depth (7.5cm)....
I plan to get another but first need to find a place for this one.
Well I hope it gives you some ideas for flower storing...
huggs xxxx
Thanks honey :)


Gale said...

This is great! So organized.
How deep is this?

Hope you are feeling better!

Teresa said...

This is a great idea Lynn mmmmm.
Can you get many flowers in there?
Teresa x

Lynn said...

Hi Teresa,
In answer to your question about how many flowers I can get in there, well for the larger unit I could probably fit about 30 to 40 small roses and for the small one I would say about 18 but they may be a little squishy:)
Hope this helped xxx