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Friday, April 1, 2011


I would just like to say a really big thank you to a super lady named Rae in the U.S,
who has given me this generous award....
Please check out her  wonderfully creative site:
but before I can receive this award I must share 7 things about myself...Oh Dear!

1. I share my life with a wonderful talented man named Colin, who I love dearly. He is always there and never asks of anything and never complains! And in the 7 years we have been together, we have accomplished so much..   
2. I love crafting,  painting, drawing (I used to draw alot but gave it away), papertoling, and writing stories and sitcoms.
3. I have worked all my life except for a few months off between jobs, so for almost 30+ years I have dedicated my life to work..but I have discovered along the way that you don't live to work but you work to live and sometime down the track I intend to do just that through just by being creative!
4. I am  privileged to have in my life 3 talented sisters (in law) who are creative and extremely talented in their own fields of work and play....and although I don't see them, they are always in my thoughts.
5. And through the magic of the internet and blogland, I have made some wonderful creative friends around the world, who share my love for crafting.
6. I  love dogs, especially German shepherds and someday I plan to get one! I just need to convince that certain someone!!
7. Last but not least, I love nature and the solitude it offers. I look around me everyday when I'm not in the rat race  and feel blessed...This inspires me to be creative..
Well I guess, you know a little bit more about me...

Now I need to send it off to 5 other talented crafters, but before I do, here are the rules on
accepting this award:
1. You must post it on your blog
2. Thank the person who gave you the award
3. List 7 things about yourself
4. Pass it on to 5 worthy  recipients 
They are :   
Thanks for taking the time to share this super long post...And don't forget to visit these wonderful crafters who really deserve this wonderful award :0)


~♥~The Navy Wife~♥~ said...

Oh Lyn! You really are too gorgeous! Thank you! *Mwah*

Rae said...

Aww, thanks Lynn, you're the best!

The twins mum said...

oh thanks so much Lynn will pop this and pass this on asap. Still a few touches of painting to do and then I'm done WAHOOOOOOO!So over paintning
Thanks again