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Saturday, February 19, 2011


...sounds like the beginning of a song ??
Today, I really didn't feel like making cards or trying to finish off my new mini album, I just wanted to get out my sketch pad and draw. As a kid I used to draw alot, thanks to my Dad who bought me lots of  butchers paper (butchers paper is really large sheets of white paper, they used in butcher shops )...ofcourse, over the years I sort of lost interest, and from time time I would draw a few sketches.
 But I think my mojo for doodling has come back...
So here's a little of something I did today
I call it My Doodles 
Here I just sketched a girl's face on a watercolour sketch book in black led pencil
I, then took her into Photoshop and cleaned up the image, then scanned, printed  her... lastly I used a fine black gel pen to go into more detail.
 After the detail I coloured her with copic markers and I really wasn't wrapt with the colouring, but it's only practice anyway..


Anonymous said...

looks amazing Lynn!!!

raelly cool, you did fantastic!!!

Rae said...

I likey! Very nice!