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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Good Afternoon Everyone
 Yesterday, my friend Maz and I, spent all morning at the Quilt and Craft Show at the Exhibition Buildings (aka Jeff's Shed) and it was fantastic... We walked down fabulous South Bank near the Yarra river and had a delish breakfast of croissants and focaccais before heading to the show..
There is something really special, walking along this particular part of Melbourne, especially early mornings....sort brings to you life and makes you feel good.

We got there a little after 9am, and when we entered the building it was already buzzing with lots people (mainly women, and some with bored husbands who really didn't want to be there). We quickly bought our entry tickets, held our breath and walked in..
Unfortunately I didn't take any pics on the inside because I was to busy looking and buying and buying (lol) but I did make this collage of things that I bought...minus pics of  other goodies like distress inks, unusual Australian tree bark kit and other fun stuff (I will include the items in my upcoming video Crafter's Delight 2)
Here's some pics to look at:)
There was so much to see...300 tiny stores from beading, quilting, sewing, papercrafts and every imaginable crafter's delight to thrill you!!
As we were shopping, and because it was so hot in the building, I felt like I was going to pass out, but then like a miracle, I regained my composure and continued on my way (it must have been when I finally found something I had been searching for :)
After 4 hours of spending, and getting squashed by crazed crafty ladies and more spending, it was time to call it a day (perhaps because I had run out of money (lol)
Poor Maz had already headed for our meeting point, because I lost her along the way and although she was a little worn out, she was happy with her purchases<:
I took this pic as we left the building and it really was a site for sore eyes....
As we wandered back down the road to go home, we were faced with a dilemma!! 
 "NO! WE CAN'T GO TO THE CASINO," Maz said but was drowned out because of the heavy traffic noise.. "Look" I said as I waved my hand infront of her "I found a 5 dollar note"
ps: Thanks Maz for a wonderful crafty day!
pps: Coming up the winner of the Magnolia Magazine Giveaway to be announced shortly!!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a totally fun day, LOVE the goodies!!!

Chris said...

Sorry we didn't get to catch up ... I arrived at the show at 1pm, and had to park waaaaay down under the freeway because the carpark was full to overflowing!
It was a fun afternoon anyway - sounds like your day was way more fun than mine though!

Lynn said...

Hi girls, you bet I had a great time even though it was so busy!!
I can't wait for the next one!!
Lynn :)