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Monday, April 26, 2010

Our Special Place.. Where Creativity Comes to Life

I couldn't go to bed and not show you where I get my inspiration's in my backyard,. believe or not!!

It calms me and makes me think clearly after a hard day at work and thanks to my wonderful husband, he has made it possible for me to be creative!
Please click on this link to watch a video created my honey (excuse the music) and you will get a better insight to our special the garden
Goodnight (I promise I am going now) and have a great Tuesday!!
Lynn xxxxx
PS: I got him hooked on blogging and he created his own little blog, so if you could please leave a comment for him...just for encouragement.


Rae said...

Hi Lynn, Thanks for sharing your personal and special space. It looks like a relaxing haven. I took the tour via the link, and I must say the music made me smile. I imagined something like waterfalls splashing and birds chirping...(so you can imagine my surprise-smile) : D But it was enjoyable. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Gez said...

Ooh great space. I couldn't have the sound on as it's very late here! I just love the blue spikey plants. Everything looks so happy where it is planted. :) You have a lovely blog too. Your cards are inspirational. Thanks for hopping by my blog & for your kind comment. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Gez.xx