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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Color Inspiration - At The Hardware Store

Hi Everyone,
If you are anything like me and sometime suffer colour block (well there is writer's block, so why not colour?), then you may need a little outside help to push you in the right direction. Well, while visiting the local hardware looking for a colour scheme for my home, I came across these  4"x4" inspirational colour guides. And they are terrific and so handy especially when you're not quite sure what to choose for your project. 
I punched holes in the corner of each of the cards and put them on a "S" hook,  then found a place for them in my craft room.
 So next time you're at the hardware, check out the paint section, who knows what you will find!! 
have a great creative day and thanks for looking :)
Lynn x

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Rae said...

My sister was just telling me she did the same thing for color inspiration! I have to check it out!